A delicately constructed flower in a cocktail of brilliant blue and sparkle of diamonds to light up your special moments.
Against the sparkle of the pear cut diamonds, the deep blue hue of the Ceylon sapphires is enhanced. The ring is set in 18K with pear cut diamonds and sapphires.

Sapphire & Diamond Ring

A beautiful contrast of rich green Columbian emeralds and brilliant blue Burmese sapphires are arranged in 3 delicate strings, interspersed with diamonds that drape the neck elegantly.
All emeralds and sapphires are handpicked to create this masterpiece.

Three String Emerald & Sapphire Necklace

An extraordinary necklace, featuring nine precious stones sourced exclusively from around the world.
The result is an enchanting combination of colours – the beautiful red from the pigeon ruby of Burma, the brilliant yellow of the Burmese yellow sapphire, luscious green of the Russian emerald.

The Rainbow Marvel

This pair of Italian red coral earrings made in 18k gold is a marvel from the depths of the reefs.
The round brilliant cut diamonds resembling the brilliance of sun cradles the slender drop of rare red corals, making this an unparalleled piece of jewelry.

Coral Tear-Drop Earrings With Diamonds

This necklace is a poetry of intricately in-lain flower motifs set in 18k and the ardent red of the Burmese rubies romancing the glimmering diamonds.
The oval shaped red rubies are delicately framed with stunning diamonds of trillion cut. The shape bears resemblance with the delicate petals of a flower.

The Red Beauty
Signature Jewels by
Vandana &
Varun Bhargava