Our Company

Welcome to our world of exquisitely magnificent jewellery!

At the House of VSB, it is our endeavour to floor you with the finest and the phenomenal jewellery that you desire.

Our handcrafted masterpieces light up your world with their dazzling sparkles, and you’d feel proud to make them a part of your family’s much-cherished heirlooms.

House of VSB ensures that you only get the finest and the splendid jewels because we care!

The talented team of our expert gemologists handpick each gemstone to make sure that only the exceptional and the finest gems are picked, in creating the remarkable and aesthetic wonders. These dazzling jewels are handcrafted to perfection especially, for our customers.

Our refined and detailed craftsmanship translates the vivid imagination of our creative and accomplished designers into our trademark ethereal jewels. The designing aspect is meticulously handled to offer a unique and magnificent finesse to the connoisseurs.

Ms Vandana Bhargava, our in-house and the celebrated creative expert, along with her proficient team work seamlessly to craft the inimitable jewellery for our elite clientele. The team led by Ms Bhargava has decades of experience in handcrafting the resplendent and timeless masterpieces for you to treasure.

Our eternally magnificent jewels are going to cast a spell on you with their exquisiteness.