House of VSB takes pride in creating the effortless and illustrious poesies with our stellar designs. To achieve this, we make sure to source only the marvellous and the finest gemstones from the prominent mines across the globe.


We tend to each stage of craftsmanship beginning with selecting the gemstone roughs, working with them through varied stages of cutting, refining and masterful polishing of the inclusions with utmost precision.


Our spellbinding and trendsetting masterpieces are illustrations of our seamless endeavours to handcraft exceptional jewels for you.


Analysing is one of the most important aspects at VSB.


We believe that the vivid hues of Nature are reflected perfectly and beautifully in the precious gemstones. Inspired by this belief, our gemologists research and study about the gemstones and their attributes which include their cut, clarity, colour and saturation.


The gemstones hand-selected by our experts undergo thorough quality testing as per the certified international standards.

The meticulous processes ensure that only the finest gems add sparkle to our jewellery.


Our internationally acclaimed in-house veteran jewellery designer Ms Vandana Bhargava, along with her skilful team at VSB craft some of the sensational and the finest designs in the jewellery business.With their masterful creativity, they conceive awe-inspiring designs which speak with the heart and become a part of some of the cherished and memorable moments in your life.


Drawing inspiration from Nature, our designs involve the intricate and laborious detailing in terms of novelty. Our avant-garde designs display exceptional finesse which sets them apart as breathtakingly beautiful and timeless masterpieces.


Handcrafting is a laborious process which involves tremendous concentration and intricately clean-hand setting to create that perfect piece of jewellery.


Our seasoned artisans tend to various tireless stages of placing gemstones with meticulous precision in order to attain an impeccable creative motif.


The fluidity and finesse of our remarkable jewels are perfect illustrations of the arduous and tandem efforts of our various teams.